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 3D Laser Scanning - Commercial


Capturing what you can’t easily see

Capturing what you can't see with 3d building scanning

3D Laser Scanning is an innovative way to solve some of the most difficult architectural problems that can arise when creating designs.  The process is quick and provides a three-dimensional model of the existing building from scanned images that are assembled using specialized software. 3D scanning also It also allows us to obtain accurate measurements for parts of the building we wouldn’t otherwise be able to measure.


Using reflected light, each scan results in a series of points, which are collected into what’s known as a point cloud.  We then use the point cloud in our Building Information Modeling software to create a model of the existing building and draw the as-builts designs. 

Using reflected light in scan results

Helping you plan ahead


We can also use 3D scanning to measuring and locate plumbing, HVAC pipes and ductwork, electrical conduits, sprinkler head locations and other features that are found inside building walls. Knowing exactly where these elemetns are is a benefit that can save you a lot of money in the future.   

3d scanning to measure and locate plumbing, HVAC pipes and ductwork

Actual 3D Laser Scanning Examples:

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