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3D Laser Scanning - Residential


Capturing your home

3d laser scanning can solve the most difficult architectural problems

3D Laser Scanning is an innovative way to solve some of the most difficult architectural problems that can arise when measuring existing houses.  The process is quick and provides a three-dimensional point cloud of the existing building. 3D scanning allows us to obtain accurate measurements for parts of the house we wouldn’t otherwise be able to measure.

The point cloud also helps us obtain accurate measurements for the parts of your home that we would not otherwise be able to capture. 


Quick and easy process


The process of collecting 3D images of your house is as easy as shining a flashlight on your home. The technology uses reflected light to capture three-dimensional information to create what’s known as a point cloud. A point cloud is a collection of millions of individual points, assembled from multiple scans. 

Once the data is collected and processed, our team can easily provide traditional deliverables such as 2D drawings or a 3D building information model.

Home 3d scanning and images