Gord & Cynthia - New Home Build

Gord and Cynthia were in need of an accessible home in Saskatoon but were having a hard time finding one that met their unique needs. 

“We needed a house with a high degree of accessibility,” says Gord. “Several parts of the house needed to accommodate a wheelchair and other medical equipment and there were few, if any, suitable houses available to purchase in Saskatoon at the time.”

After exploring a variety of available options available to them, they decided that they wanted to build a house that would meet their accessibility needs without sacrificing the character and comfort of a home. 

Accessible Floor Plan.JPG

“They responded in a timely manner and were attentive. They researched the building guidelines for accessibility and provided good suggestions to us,” says Gord. “They had good communication with the contractors throughout the building process and accommodated alterations to design plans as needed.” 

As they worked through the design, it became clear that ensuring the bathroom was both accessible and met their design preferences was going to be the one of the bigger challenges to problem solve. 

“CADvantage communicated well with us through repeated design changes in the bathroom and worked patiently with us until we were happy with the design,” says Gord. 

The final result is a home that can is accessible and accommodating for someone in a wheelchair, while still remaining a warm and comfortable home for their family. 

“We’re very pleased with the service we received from CADvantage,” says Gord.