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Renovations and Additions


Renovations begin with a plan

Renovations planning

If you are looking to update your home, make sure you contact us first. We will be able to design and plan renovations that work with existing features while adding new elements to create the living space you want. Having a well-drafted design will ensure that builders know exactly what’s needed and where and will make sure that all sub-contractors are working towards the same shared goal. 


Additions that fit


As your family grows, you may need an addition added to your house to make sure there is enough space for everyone to live together comfortably. We specialize in designing home additions that blend with the existing architecture while adding function and beauty to your home. 

Home renovations to fit your future plans

It’s all in the details

home renovations and addition details

Renovations and additions should be designed in a way that enhances how you live in your home. Our team pays attention to the details of your house to ensure there is a seamless flow between old and new. 

Our Process


Starting a renovation or addition can be a daunting task but our team will provide valuable advice and information on how to start, and finish, your project properly. 

We advise our clients to obtain a a surveyor’s certificate, also known as a “real property report,” at the very beginning of the project. This certificate is sometimes provided when the house was purchased. If the client doesn’t have one, one can be completed by a surveyor for an added cost. Once this is obtained, our process is as follows: 

Our home renovation process

1. Site Visit

We meet the client on-site to hear what they want to do to the house and why. Once we understand the underlying reason for the addition or reno, we can properly design an effective solution.  While on site, we look at several aspects of the house to evaluate the condition of the existing house and make note of any areas of concern or challenges to address in the design process. For example, the lot and placement of the existing house on the property can restrict possible solutions. We also have to meet Local zoning bylaws.  

2. 3D Laser Scan of Existing House

We spend a few hours in the house setting up our equipment and scanning each and every room, on all floors, and the exterior of the house.

3. As-Built drawings are created

Drawings of the house in its current state help us understand what can be changed and what needs to stay. These drawings can also highlight some challenges and help us identify some potential solutions.  

4. Preliminary design drawings are created

During this process, we work to to solve the design problems specified by the owner during the site visit. 

5. Client review

The client has an opportunity to review the preliminary design drawings and, inconsultation withour experts, suggest any revisions. 

6. Construction drawings are drafted

Once the preliminary design is approved by the owner, we add the detailed information to the drawings to create the blueprints necessary for the building permit application and construction.